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January Newsletter

I used to write monthly letters to Henry, but after a while I couldn’t keep up. I realized a few weeks ago that I write updates *about* Arlo, but I’ve never written him a letter. And Henry still gets neglected. … Continue reading

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Mother’s Helper

Two weeks ago I had to go back on the happy pills. Something about this recurring fantasy I have about beating my husband for getting me into this mess (which I did, while he was holding the baby. Oh, in … Continue reading

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6 Week Slump

… Technically 5 weeks, but Arlo was a week late and hit his 3 week growth spurt a week early. I hope it’s like a few weeks ago, when we had a couple of exceedingly difficult days, highlights of which … Continue reading

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Where We Are Going and Where We Have Been

The other day I had the rare opportunity to go to an Ashtanga class while Henry was at school. The class happened to be at the same time as the Crawlers & Toddlers class that I took Henry to for … Continue reading

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Letter to Henry Wallace, 17 months

Dear Henry, I’m terribly remiss with your letters.  I’m late with this one and I didn’t write one at all last month.  The reasons go hand-in-hand.  And this letter might end up sounding more to me than you. This month … Continue reading

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Posting Will Be Light

We’ve been trying to find a new care situation for Henry for the past couple of weeks since our beloved nanny went back to teaching preschool this week. We thought we were ready for Montessori, but I changed my mind … Continue reading

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My Relationship With SSRI’s

I was 19 when I was first prescribed Zoloft. My mom got the family doctor to write me a prescription over the phone, though I have no memory of actually speaking to the doctor myself. I didn’t protest. I can’t … Continue reading

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