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January Newsletter

I used to write monthly letters to Henry, but after a while I couldn’t keep up. I realized a few weeks ago that I write updates *about* Arlo, but I’ve never written him a letter. And Henry still gets neglected. … Continue reading

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Highlights of 2010

2010 was quite literally a year of growth: I confirmed my pregnancy on January 9th, gave birth September 26th, and emerged from my 4th trimester cocoon December 26th. Make no mistake, this was not just the birth of my beautiful … Continue reading

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2 Month Update

Arlo is 2-months-old now. He weighs 14 pounds and is 23 inches long. He’s a little smaller than Henry was at this age, though they both have head circumferences in the 100th percentile. I suppose, after all, there are reasons … Continue reading

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24 Weeks and 3 Years

This was The Week In Which I Could No Longer See My Crotch. I remember this when I was pregnant with Henry. As I recall, it happened much later in the pregnancy. I hadn’t really looked down there in awhile … Continue reading

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The Day My Heart Melted

Henry: One time there was a pretty girl who held me and we looked into the sunset and I could reach my arms out into the ocean. Me: I think that was cousin Chloe. Henry: Yeah, it was Chloe. There … Continue reading

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The Man in the House

Twice in the last two months Henry will be playing on the floor of my room while I’m beaching myself on my bed and suddenly he leaps into my arms, eyes wide with terror, and says, “There is a man … Continue reading

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Letter to Henry Wallace, Summer 2009

Dear Henry, I know it’s been awhile since the last letter.  It doesn’t mean I love you any less.  I’ve learned to fit my life into 140 character updates while I’m juggling two careers is all.  But now I’ve finally … Continue reading

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