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My name is Jordan E. Bucher, formerly Jordan E. Pitcher, aka Wondertwin, Tadpole, Jojo. I live in Austin, TX by way of NYC for 7 years, London for a stop, Minnesota for 4 years, and Kansas for 18 very long years. I am married to Matt for nearly 4 years (smooching on and off for 7), and we have a son Henry Wallace who is almost 1. A crazy sheltie named Riley also lives with us. She herds sheep and vacuum cleaners in her sleep. I have worked in publishing for 10 years. I started as an editor and switched to being a publicist because I thought it would be cool to get paid for watching tv and reading magazines all day. I am proud to say I was a cupcake artist at Magnolia Bakery on my days off, way before the Saturday Night Live rap. I have met Carrie Bradshaw and Felicity, and once Kyle McLaughlin flirted with me. My interests include bran, sending inappropriate emails to unintended recipients, and naps (not mine, of course: Henry's). I like sushi and red meat. And red wine.

Blog Migration

I’m moving the blog to tumblr. Much easier to create really short posts over there. I can post from my iphone! Still playing with the design so be patient. Advertisements

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Boobaholics Anonymous

I will never update this blog again. Arlo will not sleep unless I wear him or lie with him for a nap. WITH a boob in his mouth. Otherwise he wakes. Immediately. And this is if we are alone. Henry … Continue reading

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What Pisses Me Off

… are people who say: “Hyland’s teething tablets worked perfectly for us.” “Just give him a frozen watermelon rind. He’ll love it.” “Frozen washrags bring instant relief.” “A little Tylenol will make him sleep.” “Rub some whiskey on his gums.” … Continue reading

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January Newsletter

I used to write monthly letters to Henry, but after a while I couldn’t keep up. I realized a few weeks ago that I write updates *about* Arlo, but I’ve never written him a letter. And Henry still gets neglected. … Continue reading

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Highlights of 2010

2010 was quite literally a year of growth: I confirmed my pregnancy on January 9th, gave birth September 26th, and emerged from my 4th trimester cocoon December 26th. Make no mistake, this was not just the birth of my beautiful … Continue reading

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Three Months

It seems like yesterday. It seems like ages ago. Three months have passed since I gave birth to Arlo. Our fourth trimester is over. It feels like new life has truly begun. We are emerging now. We are all here. … Continue reading

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Mother’s Helper

Two weeks ago I had to go back on the happy pills. Something about this recurring fantasy I have about beating my husband for getting me into this mess (which I did, while he was holding the baby. Oh, in … Continue reading

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