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Welcome to Motherhood

As I was leaving the doctor’s office today, I glanced at the bottom half of the checkout sheet: “Diagnosis: weight gain & fatigue.” Advertisements

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A Healthy Way to Process Anger

It seems Henry has learned something that took me 32/33 years and countless therapy sessions to realize.  Actually, it’s a work in progress for me, still.  I’d say 90% of the tantrums occur when we are coming or going—transitions are … Continue reading

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Scientists Say Buchers Are F*cked

Well, I wonder what they would say about a 25-month-old who has probably not napped 1/3 of the days of his life already: No Nap Days Spell End of the World For Your Child Henry is actually happy and incredibly … Continue reading

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Boundaries, Illuminated

Henry and I took a little walk after dinner last night, and we saw two very fat cats sleeping in a neighbor’s front yard.  Of course he wanted to go kiss them, and I told him that the kitties felt … Continue reading

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