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I Read Bunny Now

Henry rarely naps anymore, but he has quiet time in his crib every afternoon for an hour.  I just finished rocking him.  Today he kicked me out–quite a change from the Mama Please Hold Your Hands To My Face For … Continue reading

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Because We Just Can’t Get Enough Crazy

Meet Nacho Bucher.  She gets home on March 7.

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I’ve been bursting at the seams about this but wanted to keep quiet until I knew for sure… I’m completing my post-partum doula training on March 1.  After that, I have to provide 24 hours total post-partum support to 3 … Continue reading

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Let’s Eat Cake for Every Meal

My birthday last month clearly made a huge impression on Henry because now he hugs me several times a day and whispers in my ear, “Happy Birthday, Mama.” It’s his way of telling me he loves me. Or maybe that … Continue reading

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Afternoon Delight

It had to happen.  At 21 months, Henry has pretty much dropped his naps altogether.  (He’s only napped twice in the past 2 weeks.)  Thankfully he seems to have snapped out of that rough post-travel/post-sick/post-molars snap that left him unable … Continue reading

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