The most writing I’ve done all week was on Facebook:

25 Random Things About Me

1. I once lost an edited manuscript at Penguin, back in the days before electronic files. This was before I made it to the copy machine, of course.

2. I was once served with papers for hiding a dog in my NYC co-op.

3. I once saw a man take a dump on the NYC subway.

4. I once saw a guy sleeping with his penis hanging out in front of my neighborhood grocery store, also in NYC.

5. I guess I like to talk about things I’ve seen. One time I was walking to work and a llama passed me on the other side of the street. Where else?

6. I knew I was going to marry my husband the first second I saw him.

7. I’ve had brunch with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer. John Stossel was there and on crutches.

8. My dog played with Edie Falco’s dog. And I used to live 2 floors up from James Gandolfini.

9. Usually the things I fear most end up happening.

10. I am obsessive about the following: sleep, peanut butter, sushi, cupcakes. Actually I am pretty obsessive/compulsive in general.

11. I am pretty sure my dog eats her own poop.

12. I once sent an email to my boss telling her I was hungover. She was not the intended recipient. This happens often.

13. I once broke into about 5 different swimming pools in one night.

14. I have always wanted to find a way to write and/or work in the healthcare field for a living.

15. I used to be a major smoker.

16. I have been known to walk buck naked through a Minnesota winter night. I have also walked on stage wearing nothing but a swim cap and goggles.

17. I was an NCAA Academic All-American swimmer.

18. I remember conversations word-for-word.

19. I dreamed my son’s face before I actually saw him in person.

20. I often make mistakes and try to foist them off on other people.

21. I was a seminar and a thesis short of a religion major in college.

22. I am a true city girl and can’t wait to get out of the fucking suburbs. We messed up.

23. I can stand on my head—probably for hours.

24. I wear an eye pillow to sleep.

25. I dream of traveling the world. My latest obsession is a trip to India and Japan.


About jordanbucher

My name is Jordan E. Bucher, formerly Jordan E. Pitcher, aka Wondertwin, Tadpole, Jojo. I live in Austin, TX by way of NYC for 7 years, London for a stop, Minnesota for 4 years, and Kansas for 18 very long years. I am married to Matt for nearly 4 years (smooching on and off for 7), and we have a son Henry Wallace who is almost 1. A crazy sheltie named Riley also lives with us. She herds sheep and vacuum cleaners in her sleep. I have worked in publishing for 10 years. I started as an editor and switched to being a publicist because I thought it would be cool to get paid for watching tv and reading magazines all day. I am proud to say I was a cupcake artist at Magnolia Bakery on my days off, way before the Saturday Night Live rap. I have met Carrie Bradshaw and Felicity, and once Kyle McLaughlin flirted with me. My interests include bran, sending inappropriate emails to unintended recipients, and naps (not mine, of course: Henry's). I like sushi and red meat. And red wine.
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