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It’s a Nightmare! On My Street.

Yesterday afternoon Me: Henry, why don’t you take naps? Henry: It’s no nighttime! *smiles and shrugs shoulders* Yesterday evening Me: Henry, aren’t you tired yet? Henry: NO!!  *laughs hysterically* This morning Henry: Mama, THAT was my big nap. Advertisements

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Throwing Me a Lifeline

Finally!  A handy list to print and put on the fridge for those afternoons when the hours seem to stretch interminably: 99 Things to do with Your Little One in Austin Before Kindergarten

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The most writing I’ve done all week was on Facebook: 25 Random Things About Me 1. I once lost an edited manuscript at Penguin, back in the days before electronic files. This was before I made it to the copy … Continue reading

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Getting Our Martha On

Pumpkin enchiladas.  That’s all there is to say.  Add some black beans to the chicken mixture.  Divine.

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Run DC, Yo.

I lust.

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Newborn, Redux

I hate to whine about sleep, especially when I haven’t been blogging much, but we’re in the thick of a major sleep regression here.  I thought it was because of holiday travel, a sickness, an ear infection, 2 new molars … Continue reading

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I Smell A Change

I’m getting ready to blog again.  I got sick of my first design and hated my redesign even more.  I threw up in my mouth every time I called up my own blog.  Talk about one night of regret.  I … Continue reading

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