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Letter to Henry Wallace, 18 months

Dear Henry, I remember the saying was always nine months in, nine months out.  Parent your child those first nine months like you would in the womb.  Well, now you’ve had *another* nine months out.  If someone would’ve told me … Continue reading

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I Just Wet My Pants

Hey Cupcake!!!! Now within acceptable driving distance when traveling with feisty toddler…

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Sweet Berry Farms

When your kid starts sleeping a lot you don’t really have the time to blog because oh my god, you could potentially get 12-13 hours of uninterrupted sleep, too!  Well, maybe you yourself couldn’t sleep that much, but when you … Continue reading

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He REALLY Loves Goats

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Got Milk?

As I was bringing Henry to our bed to nurse this morning, Matt walked back to the hallway to say good-bye.  (Yes, this was at 8:30am!!!!!!!) Henry looked at him, put his arm across my chest, and said, “Mama! No … Continue reading

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Major Growth Spurt

It’s clear now that Henry is in the middle of a major growth spurt.  He’s sleeping 12-13 hours at night and taking a 2-3 hour nap every day (HEAVEN!)  Last night he ate the following for dinner: 1 banana, 1/2 … Continue reading

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Riley

Well, Riley the Dog, I’ve been too busy sleeping to remember to bake you (me) a birthday cake this year.  Thankfully your daddy reminded me that today is your big day or I would’ve completely forgotten.  May you get back … Continue reading

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