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Rip Van Wrinkle

Henry slept 13.5 hours STRAIGHT last night.  No magic button needed.  This is 2.5 hours more than he normally sleeps in an entire 24-hour cycle.  I’m not jinxing it if it’s in the past, right? Advertisements

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Baby College

I was listening to Act One of “This American Life” (“Harlem Renaissance”) on my way to yoga Sunday morning.  The story was so compelling that I considered sitting in my car in the parking lot and missing class to hear … Continue reading

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The Magic Button

For basically a year now, we’ve been getting up at 5, 6, sometimes 6:30 am (if we’re REALLY lucky).  It was taking us at least an hour to put Henry to bed because he’d cry at some point after we … Continue reading

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He Went to Riley’s Obedience School

Henry fought his nap like a motherfucker today.  I finally put him in his crib and walked out of the room.  He played for about 20 minutes.  He started to fuss.  Instead of going back in the room, I said, … Continue reading

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Yogi Junior

Tonight as I was putting Henry to bed, I finished singing one of the songs we sing in yoga, and he started chanting, “Om!”

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Letter to Henry Wallace, 17 months

Dear Henry, I’m terribly remiss with your letters.  I’m late with this one and I didn’t write one at all last month.  The reasons go hand-in-hand.  And this letter might end up sounding more to me than you. This month … Continue reading

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Rest in peace, David Foster Wallace.

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